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  • 商品名称: Fence Mesh Welding Machine Ⅱ(DP-FP-2500B)

Description of Roll Mesh Welding Machine:

This machine adopts synchronous control technique. The center-control and welding time is composed of digital and integrated electric circuit. This operation is accurate, it has stable function, firm welded point and without welded tracks. Not only welding speed is fast but also it is easy to learn and operate. The longitude wires are fed from rolls and through precise wire straightening and positioning device. Step motor controls fallen cross structure and drawing materials are automatically. It’s accurate, the edges of mesh are regular, it’s unnecessary to slice the side. Drawing mesh adopts the device with the elastic link and fixing the mesh. It’s easy to regulate mesh holes and mesh size is rather accurate, welding aperture could be also adjustable randomly within the range. The speed of this machine is very fast. It’s easy to learn how to operate it and it will need only two workers to operate. The finished mesh could be in rolls or in panels.

Technical Parameter of Roll Mesh Welding Machine:
Wire  Diameter 3.0mm—5.0mm Longitude Wire Feeding From rolls
Longitude Wire Space 50mm—200mm Cross Wire Feeding Pre-straightened & pre-cut
Cross Wire Space 50mm—200mm Rated Electrical Power 125kvaX5 pcs
Width of Mesh 2500mm Rated Voltage 3-phase,380V/220V/415V/440V  50Hz or 60Hz
Welding Electrodes 41pcs Weight 4500Kg
Welding Speed 45 times/min. Overall Size 2.9MX2.2MX1.7M
Auxiliary Equipment:
Mesh Cutting Machine Mesh Repairing Machine Pay-off Wire straightening and cutting machine
Optional Equipment:
Fence bending machine Mesh rolling machine
Finished products & Application:

1. Mesh fence, Fence Panel for railway, highway, airport
2. Construction fence panel in building, bridge and so on.

Video of Roll Mesh Welding Machine:

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