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  • 商品名称: Steel Grating Welding Machine

Description of Steel Grating Welding Machine:

Our grating machine adopts advanced medium frequency (1000Hz) technology. Its instantaneous electric current is very strong and welding time is short, so it can save appox.30-50% power energy than low frequency (50Hz) grating machine. Moreover in contrast to low frequency (50Hz) grating machine, its matched transformer can even save 40-50% KVA.

This welding production line to finish flat-rolled steel and round steel (is it entangle square steel to sprain ) horizontal to weld automatic production line of shaping alternately while being vertical, the products can reach hundreds of kinds of specifications, apply to the platforms of such trades as petroleum, chemical industry, electricity, quay, municipal administration, environmental protection etc., hang and carry, enclose the bar, walk etc. extensively.

22 meters long, 4 meters wide production line, this line was divided into feeding part, welding part, cutting end side parts, saw cutting part and finished product storage area. Material loading adopt artificial material loading (flat-rolled steel ), horizontal pole (round steel ) hands over the material automatically, then weld automatically, walk into automatically, cut ends side automatically.

Function of Steel Grating Welding Machine:

1. A.C. Power supply is used as welding power supply;
2. Cross bars (twisted bars) are manually laid and automatically fed;
3. Welding distortion is manually regulated and automatically corrected;
4. Both manual mode and automatic mode are set in operation console;
5. Switchgear cabinets are equipped with a primary current indicator and a voltmeter.
6. Welding parameters are set and stored in sections. Parameters are set with intelligence and indicated with digital display.
7. Linear ball rail is used in steel grating dragging device.

Technical Parameter of Steel Grating Welding Machine:

1. Input the power : 3 phase 380V 50Hz or according to customer’s requirements
2. Welding Transformer: 250KVAX8
3. Max. presssure: 160Ton
4. Welding Frequency: 1000Hz
5. Welding Panel Width:≤1200mm / Length:≤7500mm
6. Bearing Bar Ranges: FB20mm×2.0t ----FB100mmX10t
7. Crossbar Ranges 5×5mm----- -10×10mm(twisted square steel)
8. Crossbar Fed: automatic
9. Welding Time:8-9s/times
10. Auxiliary equipments like front roller, rear roller and cutting machines are included
11. Weld Material: carbon steel or stainless steel
12. Rated welding for the electric current: 200KA
13. Weld the electric current the most largely: 350KA

Auxiliary Equipment:
close type water cooling tower CO2 welding machine Grating cutting saw machine
Twisted square bar drawing machine Twisted square bar straightening & cutting machine  
Finished products & Application:

The steel grating can be used in the floor, Petroleum, chemical industry, electricity, municipal administration, environmental protection, national defence, walk and so on.

Video of Steel Grating Welding Machine:

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